Boris Weiss
Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his business career, Mr. Weiss has driven his corporate success through effective economic, financial and business modeling, strategic planning and program execution, global market development and relationship networking with government, industry and investors.

Mr. Weiss has been instrumental in the development and roll out of a number of integral biomedical and biotech ventures. Specific achievements included establishing the strategic direction of non-invasive technologies for a variety of health problems, including the acquisition of an exclusive worldwide technology license to commercialize a transurethral stent.

Mr. Weiss spent five years partnered with an international, high-tech research and development company to establish North American business operations and aggressively market patented photonic and material technologies. In this role, he managed the acquisition and construction of a new state-of-the-art research facility, overcame governmental policy challenges, and facilitated the immigration of key scientific personnel within a tight timeframe. In this role Mr. Weiss established government relations at the provincial and federal levels to secure research funding, and built an advocacy network with thought leaders.

His combined extensive experience in business and market development with proven achievement in strategic consulting, corporate governance, and organizational leadership, provide a multidimensional approach with a talent for overcoming challenges to diversify revenue streams, increase shareholder wealth and move an organization forward within a global market context.

Dr. Nihar R. Pandey
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Pandey is our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), he also serves in similar role for CliniCan Health Research. He is PhD in Clinical Biochemistry with expertise in clinical and regulatory affairs and did his postdoctoral studies at University of Montreal and at McGill University. He was a Group leader for Drug Discovery and development at Liponex Inc., Ottawa. He worked as Research Scientist at University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)-Neuroscience, University of Ottawa and at Health Canada. He has extensive life sciences and pharma experience in the discovery, development, drug formulation, clinical trials and commercialization of drugs. His career highlights include the development of inhibitors for the treatment of metabolic disorders, anxiety, learning impairments, and neurodegeneration. His accomplishments include more than 30 scientific publications, 5 patents, a book chapter, and several abstracts. He is a member of several international and national professional societies and institutes, and serves in editorial boards and as a scientific reviewer in high-impact medical/biomedical journals. Dr. Pandey is responsible for promoting leading edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research in cannabinoid-based product development. This role works to develop networks between Medipure and industry researchers in the public and private sectors locally, nationally, and internationally. He will act as a nexus between Medipure and the physician community with respect to research and clinical initiatives of mutual benefit. In addition, Dr. Pandey will lead Medipure Scientific and R&D programs. He has a strong background in pharmaceutical development processes and experience in clinical monitoring, bringing significant experience in the conduct/management of Phase I and II clinical trials. His working knowledge of physiology and pharmacology and excellent knowledge of applicable Canadian, US, and international regulations and guidelines, will allow Medipure to effectively manage clinical development and data collection in all co-directed clinical trials, including the oversight of adverse event reporting, adherence to protocols, and ensuring successful study completion. For the last 20 years, he is actively involved in pharmaceutical development, associated with Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Pain, Mood disorders, Oncology and Neurodegeneration. He is considered one of the leaders in drug discovery and development associated with these diseases.

Dr. John Maynard
Medical Director

Dr. Maynard has joined Medipure as the Medical Director, providing 42 years of clinical medical experience to support the medical vision of the company.  For the last four years, Dr. Maynard was appointed by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Board to Chair the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee. This committee is advisory to the board (through the Board Chair) and the president and CEO on numerous physician-related issues. Dr. Maynard was also invited to sit on the Senior Executive team for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Past positions held include five years as Director of Client Relations and Risk Management, Coastal HSDA, three years as member of the Planning Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympic Medical Services, twelve years as the Co-Senior Medical Director, for Vancouver Coastal Health , two years as Chief of Staff for the North Shore Health Region and Lions Gate Hospital and four years as the head of general practice at Lions Gate Hospital.

Dr. Maynard has served as Co-Medical Director for Expo-86 and Chair of the Medical Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. Maynard’s overwhelming clinical experience as an emergency physician and full-service family physician, paralleled with his outstanding administrative background within the medical community – both provincially and federally – provides Medipure a conduit to the physician community and government bodies nationwide.

Honorable Lorne Nystrom, Privy Councilor

A Saskatchewan native, Lorne was elected nine times as a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament first in Yorkton-Melville then Regina–Qu’Appelle serving for 32 years. When first elected in 1968 Lorne was the youngest Canadian ever elected to Parliament at age 22. In 1992 he was appointed a member of the Privy Council, of Canada, a life-long position by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a Parliamentarian, Lorne specialized in economic and constitutional issues and gained extensive experience with both foreign affairs and trade issues. He was a member of several international Canadian Parliamentary delegations. Lorne was a spokesperson on the Canadian Constitution during the debates on the 1982 Constitution Act that led to partition, and adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms including the entrenchment of treaty rights in the Constitution.

Lorne's international experience includes projects with Harvard University in Russia and with the United Nations in South Africa, bringing expertise with government regulatory and compliance issues in Canada and internationally. His business background includes extensive experience in China. Lorne speaks both English and French.