Dr. Nihar R. Pandey
Chief Executive Officer, Director

Dr. Pandey is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and also serves as Chief Scientific Officer. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has played a key role in developing and guiding several Research and Development Pharmaceutical Programs at various stages. He received his doctorate in Clinical Biochemistry and conducted his postdoctoral studies at University of Montreal and at McGill University, Canada. He was a Group leader for Drug Discovery and development at Liponex Inc., Ottawa. During his tenure at Liponex Inc., Dr. Pandey played pivotal roles in bringing 2 novel molecules, through research into clinical trials, and for commercialisation for the treatment of dyslipidemia and neurodegeneration.  He served as Research Scientist at University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)-Neuroscience, University of Ottawa. He was Health and Safety Evaluator at the Health Canada’s Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission. He has extensive life sciences and pharma experience in the discovery, development, drug formulation, clinical trials, and commercialization of drugs. His career highlights include the development of receptor modulators for the treatment of metabolic disorders, anxiety, learning impairments, and neurodegeneration. At Medipure, Dr. Pandey is responsible for promoting leading edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research in endocannabinoid-targeting prescription drug development. In addition, Dr. Pandey leads Medipure Scientific and R&D programs with his immense expertise in Pharmaceutical development of novel drugs. Dr. Pandey has received several awards and is co-author on over 50 publications, patents, medical commentaries, and scientific abstracts. He is the member of several international professional societies and serves as editorial and scientific reviewer in high-impact biomedical journals.

Dr. Nihar Pandey speaks about the Scientific research at Medipure.

Honorable Lorne Nystrom, Privy Councilor

A Saskatchewan native, Lorne was elected nine times as a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament first in Yorkton-Melville then Regina–Qu’Appelle serving for 32 years. When first elected in 1968 Lorne was the youngest Canadian ever elected to Parliament at age 22. In 1992 he was appointed a member of the Privy Council, of Canada, a life-long position by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a Parliamentarian, Lorne specialized in economic and constitutional issues and gained extensive experience with both foreign affairs and trade issues. He was a member of several international Canadian Parliamentary delegations. Lorne was a spokesperson on the Canadian Constitution during the debates on the 1982 Constitution Act that led to partition, and adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms including the entrenchment of treaty rights in the Constitution.

Lorne's international experience includes projects with Harvard University in Russia and with the United Nations in South Africa, bringing expertise with government regulatory and compliance issues in Canada and internationally. His business background includes extensive experience in China. Lorne speaks both English and French.

Daniel L. Gelinas

Shareholder in Medipure for several years. Employed over 40 years in the automobile industry including management positions in Skilled Trades, Plant Services and Production. Grass-roots activist in many local programs including promoting Fund raising campaigns thru social media video's and newspaper articles. These volunteered activities raised donations for local hospital Erie Shores Health Care. Windsor Coalition for Development Executive Board member offering housing for low income families in Windsor. Junior Achievement Advisor to high school students learning how to create and successfully operate a business in a hands-on environment.  

Dr. John Maynard
Medical Director

Dr. John Maynard brings more than 44-years of clinical and leadership experience to the Medipure team.

After graduating from the University of Calgary’s Medical school, Dr. Maynard did a two-year internship in Victoria, followed by 10-years of Emergency Medicine in both Victoria and Vancouver. It was at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria that Dr. Maynard was also involved as Director of Internship. He also served as the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine continuing medical education committee chairman and Co- Medical Director for Expo 86.

Dr. Maynard moved on to full-service family practice in North Vancouver and during more than 24 years of family practice, he served as Department Head at Lions Gate Hospital, Chief of Staff, and as a physician board member for the North Shore Health Region.

When the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority was established, Dr. Maynard was appointed as Co-Senior Medical Director, overseeing medical care in six facilities as well as Director of Risk Management and Patient Safety. During this time, Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics and Dr. Maynard served on the committee responsible for ensuring appropriate Medical Care for Athletes and Visitors. After leaving his Family Practice to assume the above duties, Dr. Maynard continued to provide clinical care in an urgent care setting.

Dr. Maynard subsequently served as a member of the Senior Executive Team of Vancouver Coastal Health and was appointed Chairman of the Authority’s Medical Advisory Committee.

Dr. Maynard’s extensive clinical experience as an emergency physician and full-service family physician, combined with his outstanding administrative background within the medical community both provincially and federally, provides Medipure a conduit to the physician community and to government bodies nationwide.

Dr. John Maynard speaks about how Medipure's Scientific research into the endocannabinoid system will be so helpful to doctors when prescribing treatment options.