The drugs doctors prescribe for treating the symptoms of pain, anxiety and psoriasis carry with them powerful and often destructive side-effects.

Let’s review the current list and why at Medipure we’re convinced we need new medications and a new approach:

  • The current first-line therapeutics for pain (Bupenophrene, hydrocodine and oxycodine) can produce adverse medical reactions while creating withdrawal and dependency issues.
  • Prescriptions for anxiety (Benzodiazepines, Clobazam. Clonazapam, Diazapam, Lorazepam and Midazolam) can create side-effects and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Current topical medications for Psoriasis (Cortiocosteroids and Calcipotriene) are not very effective and not safe or recommended for longer-term use.

The bottom-line is that these medications are not effective nor recommended for long-term use, and are associated with significant financial burden to individual patients, the health care system, and the economy.

At Medipure, we’re working on a revolutionary new approach. We’re collaborating with a number of well-known partners world-wide to do research on developing proprietary endocannabinoid system-based drugs for targeted diseases by regulating specific molecular mechanisms.  We believe we will produce medications, without the harmful side-effects and prohibitive costs of the currently-used therapeutics.

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