Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc.: History and Developments

Every day, millions of people around the world suffer with chronic pain, anxiety and skin conditions, greatly affecting their quality of life. At Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc., we believe that this suffering can be alleviated. That’s why we specialize in researching, developing, testing and marketing new pharmaceutical drugs aimed at reversing chronic pain/anxiety and skin conditions, as well as reducing both the elevated costs and unpredictable side effects of existing medication and techniques.

Forging a New Path

The Medipure philosophy involves analyzing safe and effective natural (plant and animal) and chemically derived molecules to devise new, innovative and increasingly efficient ways of tackling human suffering. To date, pharmaceutical companies studying pain relief have followed a similar, well-trodden path for well over a century. What sets Medipure apart is our focus at a molecular level on the endocannabinoid receptor system within the human body. By combining a focus on the well-publicized pain relief benefits of cannabinoids and our proprietary molecules with a rigorous, evidence-based pharma approach, we have established ourselves as uniquely distinct from both standard pain relief science and the medical marijuana industry. Simply put, we are the front-runners in pursuing these goals, making us a true leader and innovator in the sector.

Through developing proprietary formulations consisting of both purified cannabinoid molecules and proprietary molecules and identifying their molecular mechanism of action, we can produce medications that have been fully tested and vetted on both animal and human subjects, guaranteeing safety and quality at all times. In addition to targeting pain management, we are also committed to advancing the scientific understanding and pharmaceutical mastery of affective disorders, arthritis, dermatology, nausea and appetite disorders, oncology and palliative care, making our work truly groundbreaking. This also means our target market includes millions of people worldwide who suffer from these common diseases and conditions,.

In the Pipeline

At present, we are pursuing three lines of drug formulation, each aimed at furthering knowledge and ability in three clinical areas including:

  • MP-10X – aimed at managing and reducing chronic pain

  • MP-20X – aimed at treating anxiety, mood, nausea and appetite disorders

  • MP-30X – aimed at treating skin conditions such as dermatosis and psoriasis

In order to achieve these aims, we are currently working in cooperation with the University of British Columbia, the B. C. Cancer Agency, the University of East Finland, and many other academic and clinical partners. We’re continually on the lookout for new, mutually-beneficial collaborations aimed at furthering our current knowledge, providing us with the ability to maintain an exciting and constantly diversifying portfolio.

These strengths allow our developments and drug formulations to provide significant advantages over other pharmaceutical companies. These include low levels of toxicity, reduced treatment times, increased bioavailability and expedited regulatory approval, combining to make Medipure an enterprising and dynamic proposition in the industry.

Get in Touch

To find out more about our ethos, our developments and our current trials, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team below:

Boris Weiss, CEO
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