Chronic pain and anxiety along with inflammatory skin conditions including Psoriasis afflict millions of people around the world.

Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. is convinced that when it comes to developing prescription drugs to treat these conditions, there must be a better future. The key to that ‘better future’ is research and development and clinical trials with our proprietary drug formulations.  In partnership with the University of British Columbia, University of Eastern Finland , and B.C. Cancer Agency to name a few, we are developing novel pharmaceutical drugs targeting the endocannabinoid system at the molecular level. These drugs will help alleviate suffering and combat the prohibitive costs and powerful side-effects of existing pain and anxiety medications.

At Medipure we are:

  • A biotechnology incubator based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • In the mid-development stage
  • Led by an experienced management team
  • Driven by leading-edge research and development scientists with a proven track record
  • Overseen by a diverse and engaged Board of Directors
  • Partnered with leading public and private research organizations around the World

To learn more about Medipure Pharmaceuticals and the new vision for treating pain, anxiety and skin conditions, visit us at


Boris Weiss, CEO
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Dr. Nihar R. Pandey, CSO
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