People who have been diagnosed with cancer can experience a spectrum of anxiety disorders. Endogenous CB1/CB2 receptor system plays a key role in regulating pathways related to anxiety and patients with mood and anxiety disorders generally have reduced levels of eCBs. Various phytochemicals at their non-psychoactive concentrations can exhibit anxiolytic properties by binding specifically to CB1 and 5-HT1A receptors that modulate anxiety-related pathways.

We have developed an optimized specific molecule ratios (MP-20X) of pharmaceuticals for synergism that mitigates the side effects often inherent in the treatment of Anxiety. MP-20X line of formulations targets CB1/5-HT1A receptors to exert anxiolytic effects.

Currently, we are in an early clinical trial application targeting pilot clinical studies with cancer patients. These formulations are delivered sublingually/transmucosally to ensure increased and consistent bioavailability across patients (bypassing first pass metabolism) while avoiding discomfort in patients who experience nausea and have difficulty swallowing or may vomit. Medipure’s goal is to avoid issues related to dependency and tolerance that exists in current anxiolytic medications on the market while ensuring optimal product safety and efficacy.