Mayor Welcomes Medipure Pharmaceuticals Lab to Burnaby

For Immediate Release: September 05, 2017

Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. has announced the expansion later this year of Medipure’s research laboratory to Burnaby’s Discovery Parks.

During a recent meeting at Burnaby City Hall, Mayor Derek Corrigan welcomed Medipure to Burnaby and expressed the City’s support for the kind of applied research and expertise the company is bringing to the community.

Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. will continue its work of researching the effects of cannabinoid molecules on acute pain and anxiety at its new Burnaby facility. These molecules are then combined with other enhancers in precise laboratory conditions to develop a series of prescription medications. Once clinically tested and approved by Health Canada, and other international entities in the USA, India and Europe, these drugs will offer new hope to patients and physicians as affordable, non-addictive, non-opioid based prescriptions to effectively treat symptoms of pain, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as skin conditions such as Psoriasis.

Medipure’s research will take place in a 2100 square foot lab in Discovery Parks, which lies within the BCIT campus.

Boris Weiss, President and CEO, describes Medipure Pharmaceuticals as a 'technology incubator' company “We are involved only in research and development (R&D). Our business model is to develop drug formulation technologies and to spin out our technologies to larger, more established pharmaceutical companies around the world.”

The new Burnaby lab will be equipped to handle analytical, chemical, cellular, molecular, biochemical microbial and pharmacological activities. Medipure is optimistic the lab will be up and running by late October of this year.

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