Pain Management

Pain is defined as physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. Physical pain can be divided into two types, which can have either acute or chronic manifestation:

Nociceptive pain

Nociceptive pain is pain caused by damage to tissues. This includes chronic pain such as visceral and deep somatic pain that may be caused by injury or is associated with carcinoma/sarcoma. Acute nociceptive pain includes post-operative pain or short-term pain caused by trauma.

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain refers to pain caused by damaged nerves and can result in the feeling of pain from normally non-painful stimuli. Neuropathic pain can be caused by spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or cancer (e.g., cancer on peripheral nerves or induced by chemotherapy).

Both natural and chemical molecules are capable of targeting a broad range of pharmacological mechanisms of pain, without having the psychotropic effects typically associated with many first-line medications. However, many current treatments of pain (e.g., opiates) have significant issues related to patient tolerability, dependency, and other negative side effects in patients. This has driven us to discover and develop pharmaceutical formulation (MP-10X) containing natural and chemical API molecules, targeting endocannabinoid system, that holds great potential in the field of pain management.