For well on 100 years, doctors, scientists and researchers have been using molecules from plant and animal species or chemically synthesized ones to create new medications and prescription drugs which have enhanced the health and welfare of the human species.

While this type of laboratory-based R&D work is not new, the big difference at Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. is that they are conducting their science on the endocannabinoid system. This groundbreaking and applied research is offering new hope that a breakthrough drug for pain, anxiety and inflammatory skin conditions may be at hand.

Recently, Dr. Rax Kodekalra, Director of Drug Discovery at Medipure, along with Dr. Nihar R. Pandey, Chief Scientific Officer, sat down to discuss how transformational their work will be. They stressed how far removed their applied research is from the medical marijuana industry at large.

They noted that Medipure follows 'an evidence-based pharma approach' wherein purified cannabinoid molecules are developed, molecular mechanisms identified, tested in animals and subsequently in human trials, thereby supporting physicians with enough safety data for prescribing medications.

Their aim is to develop, test and market a new generation of prescription medications with novel drug delivery systems to treat a variety of human conditions.

So how do Medipure Pharmaceuticals' pain medications actually work inside the human body?

"From a pure pharmaceutical science perspective, what differentiates us at Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. is that we are conducting research on both 'natural' and 'synthesized' molecules. Another way we are different is that we study how these molecules give beneficial effects by targetting the endocannabinoid system at the molecular level. Essentially, our molecules will bind themselves to the body's target receptors, and this is what creates the cessation of pain or anxiety or inflammation."

"To our knowledge there are not a lot of other companies which are doing any work in this area."

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