Current Projects

We are actively pursuing collaborations with clinics, academic, and strategic partners in order to continually strengthen our proprietary portfolio through new R&D programs. These networks help Medipure develop effective APIs targeting endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid molecule-based pharmaceuticals with optimized doses for specific illnesses.

Our main areas of research focus are pain management, mood disorders and anxiety, nausea, and appetite, palliative care, oncology, arthritis, and dermatology.

We have a meticulously planned reproducible science program and a healthy drug pipeline. Our extensive drug discovery and pre-clinical program enables us to

  • determine specific molecular mechanisms, and
  • make informed decisions regarding the selection of right drug formulations to advance towards clinical trials.

Currently, our MP-10X and MP-20X drug formulations are at the clinical stage for the safety, tolerability, pharmacodynamics and efficacy evaluation in human as analgesic and anxiolytic respectively. MP-30X for treating dermatitis and psoriasis are at late pharmacological and early preclinical setup stage.

The benefits of our drugs include low toxicity, increased bioavailability, reduced treatment time, and faster regulatory approval.