Our researchers are at the heart of Medipure’s science. Each is empowered with unique stories of what motivates them to discover novel therapies. The passion and dedication that our team brings to work each day is a testament to the inspiration our patients provide, and the knowledge of the impact we can make in their lives.

Our drug discovery and development process starts and ends with the patient. Our research program is prioritized by a strong understanding of the cause of the disease at the molecular level and then developing safe, optimized and effective medications based on natural or chemical molecules. Currently, our research focuses on the molecules that specifically target and regulate the endocannabinoid system to achieve beneficial medicinal effects.

Our extensive experience in the discovery and development of prescription medicines as pharmaceutical products makes us one of the leading Cannabinoid-derived therapeutic developers. We maintain in-house control over all aspects of the formulations and the product development process – molecule discovery research, formulation and drug delivery technologies, clinical trials, and regulatory affairs. Our research technologies are protected by our established IP partner.

We seek to maximize the value of our products through rapid, cost-effective product development, addressing market needs, and establishing strategic partnerships.

Our current product pipeline targets specific disease areas including pain, anxiety, oncology, arthritis, PTSD, nausea and appetite, and dermatitis.